Wildland Fire Training Schedule-2023

Rocky Mountain Fire Company – Missoula, MT

Lead instructor: Eric Kurtz, Current Operations Chief and Safety Officer, National Academy Instructor. Prior experience includes MT DNRC Training Officer and CALFIRE Battalion Chief.

2023 Wildland Fire Training Schedule

                                                              Revised April 18th, 2023

To enroll in courses call 406-240-2801.

RT-130 Annual Refresher and Pack Test

The RT-130 Annual Refresher is 4 hours in length. Both Pack Test and Walk Tests are available after course. Cost of course is $60.00 without pack or walk test. Cost of Walk and Pack Tests are an additional $10.00

Date        Course #         Course Name        Time    Location

April 15th     RT-130        Annual Refresher      0800    Grant Creek Inn Missoula


May 6th     RT-130        Annual Refresher     0800   Grant Creek Inn Missoula

June 3rd   RT-130        Annual Refresher    0800    Grant Creek Inn Missoula 

Firefighter II

The Firefighter Type 2 serves on a hand crew, engine crew, or helitack crew, performing fire suppression and fuels management duties in the most adverse climate, fuel, and terrain conditions.

Basic Firefighter II includes  NWCG S-190, S-130, L-180,  FEMA IS-100 and FEMA i-700.b

S-130  is a field day which is 8 hours and includes working with engines, hose, pumps, and hand tools.  Please dress accordingly for the field day with boots and jeans for this portion of the class. The field day will include a work capacity test (pack test). You must come to field day with your own personal 45# pack. To sign up call Melissa Durkin 406-240-2801. Cost of course is 275.00

Date                                      Name                 Time         Location

April 17th- April 20th    FFT2 Basic            0800        Grant Creek Inn Missoula

May 23rd- May 26th       FFT2 Basic              0800        Grant Creek Inn Missoula

June 20th- June 23rd        FFT2 Basic                 0800         Grant Creek Inn Missoula

S-131 Firefighter I

S-131, Firefighter Type 1 is designed to meet the training needs of the Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1) and/or Incident Commander Type 5 (ICT5). Topics include operational leadership, communications, LCES, and tactical decision making. This is the course for NWCG supervisory positions. Cost of course is $100.00

Date Course #      Course Name  Time       Location
March 4th – March 5th     S-131 Firefighter 1  0800      Grant Creek Inn Missoula

S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws FAL3

The course lessons provide introduction to the function, maintenance and use of internal combustion engine powered chainsaws, and their tactical wildland fire application. Field exercises support entry level training for firefighters with little or no previous experience in operating a chainsaw, providing hands-on cutting experience in surroundings similar to fire line situations. Limited spots available. Cost of course is $275.00

Date Course #       Course Name                Time          Location

May 19th-20th S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws 0800 Superior

June 2nd-3rd S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws 0800 Superior

S-230 and S-231 Crew Boss and Engine Boss

Task book issued to qualified persons. Cost of course is $275.00

Date Course #  Course Name       Time          Location

May 15th -17th S-230&231 CRWB/ENGB 0800 Grant Creek Inn