January 31, 2020

RMFC is recruiting for firefighters to fill positions on our engines and crew. complete  information is listed in the Employment page. We give preference to our returning persons. We drug test and background check employees annually. And of course, Employees must meet NRCG 310-1 standards for their position.

So, any guesses on the 2020 fire season? last year was a hum-dinger. 2019 Might have been the slowest season in the west.

Course we know about the Australia fire season. I visited the Blue Mountains and are west of Sidney in 2017. The rough topography in the Blue Mountains as well as west of Sidney with minimal access was impressive. The surface fuel loading  was extreme at best. The fire folk I talked to said a 2019-20 fire season was just a matter of correlation with a severe drought year. They were right.

Still working on a best guess for 2020 fire season in the west. I will work on my best guess until the end. Right now it should be active. Will I be right? Don’t know but RMFC will be ready to engage 25% by May 15, 50% by June 15 and 100% by July 15.

Some folks ridicule fire season forecasting. If one is in the fire business, one must make sometimes high cost decisions on available data and the best guess.

We hope to start a Blog page. For professionals to exchange conversations. If we get Face book junk we will pull it.